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CommandModule< Cmd > Class Template Reference
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Module classbase usecountbase

Public Member Functions

Version GetVersion ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 Module ()
virtual void init ()
CullResult cull () CXX11_OVERRIDE
virtual ~Module ()
virtual void Prioritize ()
virtual void ReadConfig (ConfigStatus &status)
virtual void OnUserConnect (LocalUser *user)
virtual void OnUserQuit (User *user, const std::string &message, const std::string &oper_message)
virtual void OnUserDisconnect (LocalUser *user)
virtual ModResult OnChannelPreDelete (Channel *chan)
virtual void OnChannelDelete (Channel *chan)
virtual void OnUserJoin (Membership *memb, bool sync, bool created, CUList &except_list)
virtual void OnPostJoin (Membership *memb)
virtual void OnUserPart (Membership *memb, std::string &partmessage, CUList &except_list)
virtual void OnPreRehash (User *user, const std::string &parameter)
virtual void OnModuleRehash (User *user, const std::string &parameter)
virtual ModResult OnSendSnotice (char &snomask, std::string &type, const std::string &message)
virtual ModResult OnUserPreJoin (LocalUser *user, Channel *chan, const std::string &cname, std::string &privs, const std::string &keygiven)
virtual ModResult OnUserPreKick (User *source, Membership *memb, const std::string &reason)
virtual void OnUserKick (User *source, Membership *memb, const std::string &reason, CUList &except_list)
virtual void OnOper (User *user, const std::string &opertype)
virtual void OnPostOper (User *user, const std::string &opername, const std::string &opertype)
virtual void OnPostDeoper (User *user)
virtual void OnInfo (User *user)
virtual ModResult OnUserPreInvite (User *source, User *dest, Channel *channel, time_t timeout)
virtual void OnUserInvite (User *source, User *dest, Channel *channel, time_t timeout, unsigned int notifyrank, CUList &notifyexcepts)
virtual ModResult OnUserPreMessage (User *user, const MessageTarget &target, MessageDetails &details)
virtual void OnBuildNeighborList (User *source, IncludeChanList &include_c, std::map< User *, bool > &exceptions)
virtual ModResult OnUserPreNick (LocalUser *user, const std::string &newnick)
virtual void OnUserPostMessage (User *user, const MessageTarget &target, const MessageDetails &details)
virtual void OnUserMessage (User *user, const MessageTarget &target, const MessageDetails &details)
virtual void OnUserMessageBlocked (User *user, const MessageTarget &target, const MessageDetails &details)
virtual void OnMode (User *user, User *usertarget, Channel *chantarget, const Modes::ChangeList &changelist, ModeParser::ModeProcessFlag processflags, const std::string &output_mode)
virtual void OnDecodeMetaData (Extensible *target, const std::string &extname, const std::string &extdata)
virtual void OnChangeHost (User *user, const std::string &newhost)
virtual void OnChangeName (User *user, const std::string &gecos)
virtual void OnChangeIdent (User *user, const std::string &ident)
virtual void OnAddLine (User *source, XLine *line)
virtual void OnDelLine (User *source, XLine *line)
virtual void OnExpireLine (XLine *line)
virtual void OnCleanup (ExtensionItem::ExtensibleType type, Extensible *item)
virtual void OnUserPostNick (User *user, const std::string &oldnick)
virtual ModResult OnPreMode (User *source, User *dest, Channel *channel, Modes::ChangeList &modes)
virtual void On005Numeric (std::map< std::string, std::string > &tokens)
virtual ModResult OnKill (User *source, User *dest, const std::string &reason)
virtual void OnLoadModule (Module *mod)
virtual void OnUnloadModule (Module *mod)
virtual void OnBackgroundTimer (time_t curtime)
virtual ModResult OnPreCommand (std::string &command, std::vector< std::string > &parameters, LocalUser *user, bool validated, const std::string &original_line)
virtual void OnPostCommand (Command *command, const std::vector< std::string > &parameters, LocalUser *user, CmdResult result, const std::string &original_line)
virtual void OnUserInit (LocalUser *user)
virtual ModResult OnCheckReady (LocalUser *user)
virtual ModResult OnUserRegister (LocalUser *user)
virtual ModResult OnCheckInvite (User *user, Channel *chan)
virtual ModResult OnRawMode (User *user, Channel *chan, ModeHandler *mh, const std::string &param, bool adding)
virtual ModResult OnCheckKey (User *user, Channel *chan, const std::string &keygiven)
virtual ModResult OnCheckLimit (User *user, Channel *chan)
virtual ModResult OnCheckChannelBan (User *user, Channel *chan)
virtual ModResult OnCheckBan (User *user, Channel *chan, const std::string &mask)
virtual ModResult OnExtBanCheck (User *user, Channel *chan, char type)
virtual ModResult OnChangeLocalUserHost (LocalUser *user, const std::string &newhost)
virtual ModResult OnChangeLocalUserGECOS (LocalUser *user, const std::string &newhost)
virtual ModResult OnPreTopicChange (User *user, Channel *chan, const std::string &topic)
virtual void OnPostTopicChange (User *user, Channel *chan, const std::string &topic)
virtual ModResult OnPassCompare (Extensible *ex, const std::string &password, const std::string &input, const std::string &hashtype)
virtual void OnPostConnect (User *user)
virtual ModResult OnAcceptConnection (int fd, ListenSocket *sock, irc::sockets::sockaddrs *client, irc::sockets::sockaddrs *server)
virtual ModResult OnSetAway (User *user, const std::string &awaymsg)
virtual void OnGarbageCollect ()
virtual ModResult OnSetConnectClass (LocalUser *user, ConnectClass *myclass)
virtual ModResult OnNamesListItem (User *issuer, Membership *item, std::string &prefixes, std::string &nick)
virtual ModResult OnNumeric (User *user, const Numeric::Numeric &numeric)
virtual ModResult OnSendWhoLine (User *source, const std::vector< std::string > &params, User *user, Membership *memb, Numeric::Numeric &numeric)
virtual void OnSetUserIP (LocalUser *user)
virtual void OnServiceAdd (ServiceProvider &service)
virtual void OnServiceDel (ServiceProvider &service)
- Public Member Functions inherited from usecountbase
unsigned int GetUseCount () const
void refcount_inc () const
bool refcount_dec () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Module
std::string ModuleSourceFile
bool dying

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetVersion()

template<class Cmd >
Version CommandModule< Cmd >::GetVersion ( )

Returns the version number of a Module. The method should return a Version object with its version information assigned via Version::Version

Implements Module.

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