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IOHookProvider Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for IOHookProvider:
ServiceProvider classbase

Public Types

enum  Type { IOH_UNKNOWN, IOH_SSL }

Public Member Functions

 IOHookProvider (Module *mod, const std::string &Name, Type hooktype=IOH_UNKNOWN, bool middle=false)
bool IsMiddle () const
virtual void OnAccept (StreamSocket *sock, irc::sockets::sockaddrs *client, irc::sockets::sockaddrs *server)=0
virtual void OnConnect (StreamSocket *sock)=0
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 ServiceProvider (Module *Creator, const std::string &Name, ServiceType Type)
virtual void RegisterService ()
void DisableAutoRegister ()
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virtual CullResult cull ()

Public Attributes

const Type type
- Public Attributes inherited from ServiceProvider
ModuleRef creator
const std::string name
const ServiceType service

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IOHookProvider()

IOHookProvider::IOHookProvider ( Module mod,
const std::string &  Name,
Type  hooktype = IOH_UNKNOWN,
bool  middle = false 


modModule that owns the IOHookProvider
NameName of the provider
hooktypeOne of IOHookProvider::Type
middleTrue if the IOHook instances created by this hook are subclasses of IOHookMiddle, false otherwise

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsMiddle()

bool IOHookProvider::IsMiddle ( ) const

Check if the IOHook provided can appear in the non-last position of a hook chain. That is the case if and only if the IOHook instances created are subclasses of IOHookMiddle.

True if the IOHooks provided are subclasses of IOHookMiddle

◆ OnAccept()

virtual void IOHookProvider::OnAccept ( StreamSocket sock,
irc::sockets::sockaddrs client,
irc::sockets::sockaddrs server 
pure virtual

Called when the provider should hook an incoming connection and act as being on the server side of the connection. This occurs when a bind block has a hook configured and the listener accepts a connection.

sockSocket to hook
clientClient IP address and port
serverServer IP address and port

◆ OnConnect()

virtual void IOHookProvider::OnConnect ( StreamSocket sock)
pure virtual

Called when the provider should hook an outgoing connection and act as being on the client side of the connection.

sockSocket to hook

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