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SplitCommand Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SplitCommand:
Command CommandBase ServiceProvider classbase

Public Member Functions

 SplitCommand (Module *me, const std::string &cmd, unsigned int minpara=0, unsigned int maxpara=0)
CmdResult Handle (User *user, const Params &parameters) CXX11_OVERRIDE
virtual CmdResult HandleLocal (LocalUser *user, const Params &parameters)
virtual CmdResult HandleRemote (RemoteUser *user, const Params &parameters)
virtual CmdResult HandleServer (FakeUser *user, const Params &parameters)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Command
 Command (Module *me, const std::string &cmd, unsigned int minpara=0, unsigned int maxpara=0)
void RegisterService () CXX11_OVERRIDE
 ~Command ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommandBase
 CommandBase (Module *me, const std::string &cmd, unsigned int minpara=0, unsigned int maxpara=0)
virtual RouteDescriptor GetRouting (User *user, const CommandBase::Params &parameters)
virtual void EncodeParameter (std::string &parameter, unsigned int index)
bool WorksBeforeReg ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ServiceProvider
 ServiceProvider (Module *Creator, const std::string &Name, ServiceType Type)
void DisableAutoRegister ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from classbase
virtual CullResult cull ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Command
bool force_manual_route
- Public Attributes inherited from CommandBase
unsigned char flags_needed
const unsigned int min_params
const unsigned int max_params
unsigned long use_count
bool works_before_reg
bool allow_empty_last_param
std::string syntax
std::vector< TranslateType > translation
unsigned int Penalty
- Public Attributes inherited from ServiceProvider
ModuleRef creator
const std::string name
const ServiceType service

Member Function Documentation

◆ Handle()

CmdResult SplitCommand::Handle ( User user,
const Params parameters 

Handle the command from a user.

parametersThe parameters for the command.
userThe user who issued the command.
Return CMD_SUCCESS on success, or CMD_FAILURE on failure.

Implements Command.

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