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irc Namespace Reference




class  commasepstream
struct  insensitive
struct  insensitive_swo
struct  irc_char_traits
class  portparser
class  sepstream
class  spacesepstream
struct  StrHashComp
class  tokenstream


typedef std::basic_string< char, irc_char_traits, std::allocator< char > > string


bool equals (const std::string &s1, const std::string &s2)
std::string stringjoiner (const std::vector< std::string > &sequence, char separator=' ')

Detailed Description

The irc namespace contains a number of helper classes.

Typedef Documentation

◆ string

typedef std::basic_string<char, irc_char_traits, std::allocator<char> > irc::string

This typedef declares irc::string based upon irc_char_traits.

Function Documentation

◆ equals()

bool irc::equals ( const std::string &  s1,
const std::string &  s2 

Check if two IRC object (e.g. nick or channel) names are equal. This function uses national_case_insensitive_map to determine equality, which, by default does comparison according to RFC 1459, treating certain otherwise non-identical characters as identical.

s1First string to compare
s2Second string to compare
True if the two names are equal, false otherwise

◆ stringjoiner()

std::string irc::stringjoiner ( const std::vector< std::string > &  sequence,
char  separator = ' ' 

Joins the contents of a vector to a string.

sequenceZero or more items to join.
separatorThe character to place between the items, defaults to ' ' (space).
Joined string.