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The InspIRCd project is quite open to all contributions, large and small. Whether you're a coder, documentation writer, tester or '''', we're sure you will help out in a useful way.

This page documents a bit of how we work internally as a project, so that you can better fit in and help out if you want.

Ways to Contribute


The development team is of a loosely connected group of contributors, all working and collaborating on things they want to see done. We don't really assign work to anyone, they find stuff to work on on their own generally.

You can find repositories on GitHub.

If you wish to contribute to development, feel free. File as many pull requests as you want. Pull requests that fix existing issues are especially welcome.

If you ever need to make a release, see the release procedure page for help.


Not everyone who can code is stellar at writing things up in a clear, easy to use way - this is where people can help out quite often, by making our numerous features easy to understand. Alternatively, perhaps you are interested in helping to translate our documentation into the language of your choice. Most of the action in this department takes place here on our wiki.


Support is a largely informal area, provided by other users and team members. To help out, hang around in #inspircd (we don't mind idlers!) and answer questions if you know what it's about.

We don't bite. Honest.