v2.0.8 released!
Posted by ~Attila Molnar on July 13, 2012

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.8 is now available, mainly it’s a bugfix release with almost no new features except the backported +L usermode from 2.1 by @Shawn-Smith.

Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Adam (2):

  • Updated example config path in Windows NSI script
  • Fixed Windows build, int32_t is already defined in stdint.h. Add GnuTLS support for Windows. Made NSIS script include extra DLL files if supplied and include the conf/aliases and conf/modules example configuration files. Added make_gnutls_cert.bat to generate GnuTLS certificates on Windows. Fixed typo in gnutlscert.pm.

Alyx (1):

  • Add CHANNELLEN to isupport

Justin Crawford (1):

  • Added color codes to /rules, moved the parsing to ServerConfig and cleaned the code up a bit

Sadie Powell (4):

  • Update Doxyfile for the latest Doxygen.
  • Explicitly deprecate some config changes.
  • GnuTLS requires pkg-config as well.
  • Fix Doxygen syntax errors.

Shawn Smith (4):

  • Backported usermode +L from insp21. Stops forced redirection given by cmode +L
  • Updated the version lines on several modules.
  • Fix to show ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS for cmd_userhost and cmd_ison
  • Improved the SimpleModeHandlers

attilamolnar (39):

  • Remove leftover #ifdefs and #includes from cmd_*.cpp
  • m_delaymsg Remove unused code
  • m_delaymsg Stop sending +d mode change to users when a remote user joins a channel with +d on it
  • m_delaymsg Don’t bother with remote users
  • m_spanningtree Fix crash in SVSPART handler when the given channel doesn’t exist
  • #include <stdint.h>, add header guard to extensible.h Fixes #102 reported by @kshade
  • cmd_stats Remove unused preprocessor stuff (it has been living in stats.cpp for a while)
  • m_ldapoper Say what the module actually does in the description
  • m_setname, m_chgname Disallow empty GECOS, spotted by @Robby-
  • m_inviteexception Read invitebypasskey setting once and store it instead of reading it at every invite check
  • m_inviteexception Remove useless check
  • m_globops Don’t concatenate, the command parser does it for us as maxparams for the command is 1
  • m_stripcolor Removing a character from a string while iterating it is slightly less complicated
  • m_swhois Switch to OnPostOper hook instead of using OnPostCommand
  • m_mlock Remove unnecessary iteration
  • m_shun Display shun target correctly in the error message when adding a new shun and it exists
  • m_lockserv Remove obsolete comments and unnecessary string clear()s
  • m_lockserv Don’t lock/unlock when already locked/unlocked, update messages
  • m_satopic Use WriteGlobalSno instead of writing the same thing with SNO->WriteToSnoMask and PI->SendSNONotice
  • m_setname, m_chgname Unify notices and annoucements
  • m_spanningtree Add function to easily determine whether a server was introduced to the network, use it to determine when to send SQUIT
  • cmd_commands Don’t show server only commands to users
  • Use std::set instead of std::map in irc::portparser
  • Don’t manage memory manually for the commasepstream in irc::portparser
  • Fix allow_overlapped having the opposite effect in irc::portparser
  • Close files opened with popen() with pclose() instead of fclose()
  • m_chanlog Use std::multimap::equal_range for iteratation instead of ::find and then checking each key after it
  • m_halfop, m_chanhistory Remove redundant ModeParser::DelMode() calls, the modes are deleted automatically on unload
  • m_chanhistory Read the boolean config entry with getBool()
  • Change debug message in Invitation::Find() to output expiration time as a string to avoid warnings
  • Revert m_xline_db Get the xlines from the core, don’t maintain a seperate list (reverse-merged from commit 183b182b3d6c0c32f4d10e131a55adbf54b8be01)
  • Move STATS handler back to cmd_stats so it’s hotpatchable again
  • m_ident Close the socket and mark as done when received something instead of doing it in two places before returning
  • m_ident Fix casting User pointers to LocalUser pointers blindly
  • m_blockamsg Remove redundant null pointer and IS_LOCAL() check
  • Use less memory when rehashing built-in hashmaps
  • Use SimpleUserModeHandler/SimpleChannelModeHandler where possible
  • m_services_account Simplify mode handlers
  • Release 2.0.8