v2.0.11 released!
Posted by ~Attila Molnar on March 29, 2013

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.11 is now available, downloads can be found here.

This is mainly a bugfix only release, however the Windows version does contain major improvements, a new build system by Adam, and a brand new service wrapper by @ChrisTX. This release also solves build problems on OpenBSD and Solaris.

For a list of fixed issues and improvements see the bug tracker.

A shortlog since the last release:

Adam (4):

  • Fixed m_ssl_gnutls build on Windows; gnutls.h uses ssize_t which is defined in gcrypt.h
  • Replace Windows build system and installer with cmake
  • Link win32_memory too inspircd too
  • win: Made config, modules, data, and log paths configurable.

ChrisTX (1):

  • Win32: Rewrite the service wrapper

Daniel Vassdal (1):

  • Added support for EXTERNAL

Sadie Powell (14):

  • Fix property list arguments.
  • OpenBSD does not have KERN_MAXFILESPERPROC.
  • Fix the poll socket engine on BSD’s other than FreeBSD.
  • Include <list> in base.h to prevent build errors on OpenBSD.
  • Replace a GNUmake idiom with the portable equivalent.
  • Fix warning: “const type qualifier on return type has no effect”.
  • Fix OpenSSL detection on distributions which modify the version number.
  • Use GNU install on Solaris.
  • Use a better server name in m_httpd.
  • Use the preprocessor to detect whether hash_map is available.
  • Remove unused variables detected by Clang 4.2.
  • Fix multiple escape bugs in m_httpd_stats.
  • Reorganise configuration files
  • Update Doxyfile for the latest version of Doxygen.

Robby- (1):

  • cmode_b: Correction to the maxbans conditional It was possible to set one more ban beyond the configured limit.

ShutterQuick (1):

  • Modified m_timedbans to behave more like setting mode +b manually. It now accepts extbans.

attilamolnar (41):

  • Fix errors in socketengine_ports so it compiles on Solaris
  • m_ldapoper Fix typo spotted by @lordsith49
  • m_banredirect Remove unnecessary hooks, cleanup
  • m_banredirect Deny the join to the redirect channel if it has a redirecting ban set that matches the user
  • m_messageflood Ask to be the last to handle OnUserPreMessage/OnUserPreNotice
  • m_maphide Ignore unregistered users
  • m_spanningtree Fix rare desync when a KILL crosses a message that has the killed user’s prefix and modifies global state
  • m_chanhistory Fix durations containing ‘S’ being rejected
  • m_ssl_gnutls Fix build with GnuTLS 1.x
  • Fix exactly <limits:maxchan> long channel names being truncated
  • cmd_invite Correct error message when the user has no privs to invite and no halfop prefix is available
  • cmd_invite Send invite announcements to halfops and higher when <security:announceinvites> is ‘dynamic’ regardless of the channel being +i or not
  • m_ssl_gnutls Fix null pointer dereference in case gnutls_xxx_get_name() returns NULL
  • cmd_lusers Convert to a module
  • cmd_lusers Refresh max local/global user counters after a user connects
  • cmd_lusers Use of size() instead of counting elements
  • cmd_lusers Be smart and know how many invisible users are there without iterating the userlist
  • m_dnsbl Fix connecting users timeouting when a dnsbl result is in the dns cache
  • Stop user initialization when the user is marked as quitting after OnSetUserIP
  • Either store the Resolver in DNS::AddResolverClass() or delete it before returning
  • Fix m_dnsbl not checking cgiirc users when the cgiirc address is elined
  • m_connectban Switch to OnSetUserIP hook to handle cgiirc users properly, ignore e-lined users
  • Remove dead code from DNS
  • m_ssl_openssl Make it clear that a CA file is not mandatory
  • m_connflood Ignore e-lined users
  • m_permchannels Load channels from the config only at module load time and only when there are no linked servers to avoid desync
  • m_spanningtree Fix incoming channel modes being lost for 0-user permanent channels on the losing side of a netmerge
  • Add support for mandatory tags in included config files
  • Fix infinite loop when all DNS request slots are in use
  • m_timedbans Notice halfops and above when a timed ban is placed
  • Initialize the FakeClient pointer in InspIRCd::InspIRCd()
  • Accept -c as a command line argument (equivalent to –config)
  • m_xline_db Major enhancements
  • m_xline_db Fix pointless excessive stack usage in ReadDatabase()
  • cmd_lusers Fix miscounting
  • Fix premature overwriting of OLDTIME that resulted in time drifts never being detected
  • m_ldapoper Fix memory leak
  • m_ldapoper Make the module actually work
  • Update doc and fix the description of m_allowinvite
  • cmd_kill Send snotice to servers when both the oper and the victim are on the same server
  • Release 2.0.11