v2.0.15 released!
Posted by ~Attila Molnar on January 21, 2014

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.15 is now available, downloads are here.

This is a bugfix release addressing minor issues discovered since 2.0.14.

One notable change is that m_svshold can now be silent, if set in the config; see updated example config for details.

The issue tracker contains a list of the reported bugs which got fixed in this version.

View the complete changelog here.

Thanks to the following people for their efforts that made this release possible:

Adam (3):

  • Fix issue #657, fix sending FNAME with spaces
  • Fix parsing ADDLINE with expiration or creation dates past ~2038 probably
  • Use case insensitive comparison for server names for (auto)connects, issue #662

Attila Molnar (25):

  • Don’t CoreExport reference, fixes m_dnsbl on Windows
  • m_spanningtree Fix timestamp in AWAY
  • m_showwhois Require 2 parameters for WHOISNOTICE
  • m_httpd Close all open http sockets on unload
  • Fix ConvToStr(char)
  • Work around STB_GNU_UNIQUE symbols not allowing module unmap
  • m_spanningtree Fix nick TS desync on SVSNICK
  • Show +i users on a channel to opers having the channels/auspex priv who do /NAMES from outside of the chan
  • Fix possible use of invalid iterator on module unload
  • m_mlock Only deny the mlocked mode from being changed instead of denying the entire mode change if it contains a single mlocked mode
  • m_sajoin Send global snotice when the join happens
  • m_alias Fix out of bounds string access that happened with certain replace strings
  • m_dccallow Increase penalty for /DCCALLOW help
  • Use FindNickOnly() in a few more places if a local user is performing an action to prevent UID walking
  • m_joinflood Fix remote joins affecting local joinflood state when the channel is locked
  • m_dnsbl Don’t send snotice when the {G K Z}line already exists
  • m_services_account Add workaround for wrong host being displayed in numeric when cgiirc users log in using SASL
  • Update example configs/helpop
  • m_httpd Add timeout option; remove timed out connections
  • m_svshold Add config option to hide snotices
  • m_joinflood Unset the mode on unload
  • Increase the penalty for a few core commands
  • m_httpd_stats Be more conservative when escaping data
  • Bump API version because of 3f4d54eb031f1cd6b016dfe1f768ed86303e3856
  • Release 2.0.15

ChrisTX (3):

  • Improve support for rarely used compilers, EKOPath in this case.
  • Fix a crash when running as systemd service
  • Fix a shadow warning created by ConfigTag::create

Daniel Vassdal (5):

  • Fix remote /MODULES bug
  • Fix ACCEPT propagation bug when it got a nick prefixed with +
  • Fix m_override refusing to override modes if the user holds halfop or higher in the channel
  • Allow ranges beginning with 0 in m_channames
  • Fix OOB error in sa2cidr()

Mantas Mikulėnas (3):

  • Handle SASL failures during SASL_INIT (wrong mechanism, etc.)
  • Support SASL messages other than ‘C’ and ‘D’
  • Use standard example addresses in configs

Sadie Powell (5):

  • Improve error reporting for <security:runas{user,group}>.
  • Fix m_silence looking for maxentries in <showwhois> instead of <silence>.
  • Fix various problems with ModuleManager.
  • Fix the HELPOP database being destroyed when a rehash fails.
  • Fix some logically dead code which was found by Coverity.