v2.0.17 released!
Posted by ~Attila Molnar on July 24, 2014

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.17 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This is a bugfix-only release, bringing several improvements and fixes for the Windows version, better compiler support and stability and correctness related improvements.

An issue has been fixed that caused m_joinflood to wrongly lock down channels on netbursts in some cases.

Upgrading is strongly recommended.

See the issue tracker for a list of reported bugs that got fixed in this version and for the pull requests that were merged.

View the complete changelog here.

Thanks to the following people for their work on this release:

Adam (5):

  • Change Windows libraries to be dynamically linked
  • Do not export callers
  • Fix m_permchannels and m_xline_db on Windows
  • m_hideoper: Hide hidden opers from /stats P. #874
  • Update aliases/anope.conf.example

Attila Molnar (21):

  • m_watch Be more strict when checking whether the watch list of a user is full
  • Filter out newlines from error messages on Windows
  • Change FormatMessage() usage in DLLManager::RetrieveLastError() to match SocketEngine::LastError()
  • m_ojoin Remove pointless FindChan() call
  • Ignore NULL callbacks in ModuleManager::Reload()
  • m_auditorium Handle NULL return from Channel::GetUser() in OnSendWhoLine()
  • Allow uppercase letters in IPv6 CIDR masks
  • m_ssl_openssl Avoid Applink on Windows by calling PEM_read_bio_DHparams() instead of PEM_read_DHparams()
  • Compress the Windows installer with zlib to reduce AV false positives
  • Fix undefined symbol error on module load if compiled with Clang 3.4
  • m_spanningtree Set the bursting flag in the FJOIN handler based on whether the source of the FJOIN is bursting or not
  • m_spanningtree Advertise the availability of m_globops in CAPAB CAPABILITIES
  • m_cgiirc Call User::InvalidateCache() after changing host and dhost in OnCheckReady()
  • Update year in resource file for Windows
  • m_spanningtree Fix cleanup of connections when unloading a module that provides an IOHook
  • m_spanningtree Forward NICK messages when they cause a collision with the new nick param rewritten to the uuid
  • m_chghost Allow ulined servers to change the host of unregistered users (for SASL)
  • Make sure the DN strings obtained from the SSL mods are always valid
  • m_spanningtree Always treat the remote client as the winner on nick collision if the nick is used by a (local) client that isn’t fully registered
  • Update example configuration files, fix typos and case
  • Release v2.0.17

Dan Parsons (1):

  • Update server.cpp

Sadie Powell (4):

  • Backport questions from master’s genssl tool.
  • Replace deprecated entry in launchd config with the modern equivalent.
  • Fix copy/paste error in m_denychans.
  • Fix various small problems with configure.

Robby- (2):

  • Correct the syntax messages of a few modules.
  • Some more helpop config updates.

Tim Heckman (1):

  • remove unneeded whitespace from the docs/examples

satmd (1):

  • Fix harmless loop off-by-ones found by Moonlightning