v2.0.21 released!
Posted by ~Attila Molnar on February 13, 2016

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.21 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This is a bugfix only release, fixing issues discovered since 2.0.20. An issue has been fixed in m_namedmodes which allowed non-opers to obtain the key (+k) of a channel. This release also features build system fixes, more aggressive DNS cache pruning, increased default DH bit size to 2048 when generating DH params via configure, increased compatibility during CAP negotiation with some clients and various documentation enhancements.

Note for Windows users: the GnuTLS library which ships as part of the InspIRCd Windows installer has been upgraded to the 3.4 branch because the 3.2 branch of GnuTLS which we used previously is no longer maintained. GnuTLS 3.4.x is not compatible with Windows XP.

View the complete changelog here.

Thanks to the following people for their work on this release:

Adam (1):

  • Update m_ssl_gnutls to use libgnutls-30 for gnutls 3.4

Attila Molnar (11):

  • Fix incorrect std::string::operator[] usage
  • Fix a few documentation problems
  • m_operprefix Unset mode on unload
  • m_ircv3 Fix AWAY being sent on join to the joining user if it has away-notify enabled and is away
  • m_dccallow Add config option to control max entries on a list
  • Garbage collect DNS cache more often
  • Cap TTL of DNS cache entries
  • Limit DNS cache size
  • m_callerid Free old extension data before unserializing the new data
  • m_namedmodes Only show chan key to members and opers with channels/auspex
  • Release v2.0.21

Sadie Powell (17):

  • Fix exposing the opers hostname in KILL when using hidekills.
  • Fix configure overwriting the cache settings on startup.
  • Fix various issues with the nationalchars module.
  • Fix system-wide installation of the data and log directories.
  • Fix mistakenly using Clang instead of GCC on older FreeBSD versions.
  • Show a better warning when certtool/openssl are missing.
  • Log STDOUT and STDERR in the launchd script.
  • Fix checking whether kqueue is available.
  • Switch strlcpy test to use a test file too.
  • Switch test to use a test file too.
  • Add missing copyright headers to test files.
  • Fix “make -jX debug install” causing linker errors.
  • Fix compilation with Microsoft Visual C++ 14.
  • Generate a 2048-bit dhparams unless explicitly specified.
  • Fix CAP REQ to be atomic like the standard dictates.
  • Work around irc::spacesepstream not stripping extraneous spaces.
  • Fix hidden operators being shown in LUSERS.

Richard Bradfield (1):

  • Replace deprecated tmpnam() call

The Aviator (1):

  • Fixed a build warning