v2.0.24 released!
Posted by ~Adam on May 18, 2017

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.24 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release contains minor bug fixes, including fixes to the build system and module manager to work on newer perl versions (>5.24.1) which are common on newer systems. All users are recommended to upgrade.

For Windows, this is the first release built on Visual Studio 2012 instead of 2010, using platform toolset v110 - so XP support has been officially dropped (previous InspIRCd versions would run on XP - but some of the shipped 3rd party libraries like GnuTLS would not). As such, the VS 2010 runtimes are no longer required. The 2012 runtimes are now included in the installer and do not need to be installed separately.

We now have an official InspIRCd docker image available on dockerhub. Thanks to Sheogorath for his work on this. You can run it with a simple command:

$ docker run --name ircd -p 6667:6667 inspircd/inspircd-docker:2.0.24

Thanks to the following people for their work on this release:

Adam (14):

  • m_sasl: really abort sasl session on register
  • m_cloaking: fix host/ip comparisons #1249
  • socketengine_epoll: use getrlimit not ulimit
  • m_sasl: send host/ip info
  • m_dnsbl: check returned results are in
  • m_sasl: use host/ip from m_cgiirc if applicable
  • cmd_who: don’t show +p channels or channels hidden with m_hidechans
  • m_ldapauth: fix providing username in PASS
  • modules.conf.example: document useusername in ldapauth
  • win: set CMAKE_INSTALL_SYSTEM_RUNTIME_DESTINATION to . so the runtime libraries are not placed in bin
  • m_sakick: remove unused “Unable to kick” notice
  • m_cloaking: don’t apply cloak to already cloaked users during registration
  • m_override: fix parentheses compiler warning
  • Release v2.0.24

Anatole Denis (1):

  • m_httpd_stats: Also sanitize other server gecos

Attila Molnar (1):

  • Fix users receiving a QUIT with themselves as source when host cycling in certain cases

Sadie Powell (14):

  • Invalidate the caches properly when User::SetClientIP is called.
  • Workaround modern Perls not adding . to @INC.
  • Add a bigger warning about deprecated things being removed.
  • Backport the master Travis changes to insp20.
  • Fix pure static builds.
  • Use clock_gettime() on macOS 10.12.
  • Fix some compiler warnings.
  • Update securelist exception list.
  • Clarify that m_sslmodes depends on m_sslinfo.
  • Fix compiler version parsing on GCC 7.
  • Warn when a user configures a permanent channel without +P.
  • Fix WEBIRC not rejecting invalid IP addresses.
  • Penalise clients that use WEBIRC incorrectly.
  • Fix ModuleManager not being able to find make::configure.

Sheogorath (1):

  • fix channel rank issue

genius3000 (1):

  • Fix SpanningTreeProtocolInterface::SendChannelPrivmsg() and SendChannelNotice() sending statusmsgs to whole channel

9915852ea46994a85026e113b9038a6836b9e0f3a824fa6f0839b57d8e2a0a8b inspircd_2.0.24-1_amd64.deb
b51b4586e1a0e379f2f730cc15a0cf8599ea5d10a8c4c3a392e4bf3d0de048e2 inspircd-2.0.24-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm
faca97902048297c513794bcab215a0a952b96577a570c0190f079d2222f0166 InspIRCd-2.0.24.exe

View the complete changelog here.