v2.0.26 released!
Posted by ~Sadie on April 21, 2018

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.26 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release contains bug fixes and documentation corrections. Most notably:

  • m_banredirect no longer creates phantom redirects in some rare cases.
  • m_cgiirc clients connecting from [GZK]Lined hosts through an ELined gateway are now banned correctly.
  • m_swhois messages set via an oper block are now correctly removed on deoper.
  • m_xline_db and m_spanningtree now store the correct user as the XLine setter.

All users are recommended to upgrade.

Thanks to the following people for their work on this release:

B00mX0r (3):

  • Fix referring to sqloper and sqlauth as extras in modules.conf
  • Fix two minor docs issues
  • Fix blank instead of empty PART message when a user is shunned

Matt Schatz (1):

  • Improve some documentation (#1483).

Michael Hazell (1):

  • m_chanhistory: optionally exempt bots from receiving history.

Sadie Powell (10):

  • Add length checking to GetExtBanStatus and m_banexception.
  • Clarify the documentation of <connect:allow>.
  • Fix m_xline_db storing the wrong setter in the XLine database.
  • Fix m_spanningtree sending the wrong setter in S2S ADDLINE.
  • Use HTTPS URLs in the executable file and include examples.
  • Always store something in the cgiirc hostname extension.
  • Set User::host before calling ChangeIP().
  • Remove swhois messages set in the oper block on deoper.
  • Fix ModuleManager’s external source lists not working with HTTPS.
  • Release v2.0.26

Wade Cline (1):

  • m_ssl_openssl: Remove deprecated API members.

genius3000 (3):

  • [2.0]: Helpop: Move extban ‘U’ from acting to matching Already fixed in master in 8587df2
  • Update the GeoIP ExtItem when CGI:IRC sets the real IP (#1471)
  • Fix ELine::Matches returning false on existing match

linuxdaemon (3):

  • Make sure banredirect metadata can not be duplicated
  • Fix comparator logic for ordering by channel
  • Revert std::set changes and add duplicate checking in m_banredirect instead, as requested by @Adam-