v2.0.27 released!
Posted by ~Sadie on November 06, 2018

What's new

InspIRCd v2.0.27 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release contains minor bug fixes and documentation corrections. Most notably:

  • Clients connecting via m_cgiirc will no longer have the wrong IP address shown in messages.
  • Several bugs in the WHO implementation and documentation have been fixed.
  • The configure checks for eventfd(), <stdint.h>, and strlcpy() have been fixed.

All users are recommended to upgrade.

Thanks to the following people for their work on this release:

Sadie Powell (13):

  • Fix invalid conversion from ‘const char’ to ‘char’ on FreeBSD.
  • Clarify the documentation for m_httpd and m_httpd_{config,stats}.
  • Fix the configure checks for eventfd(), <stdint.h>, and strlcpy().
  • Rename the license file so that people can find it easier.
  • Update the readme so that it is actually useful.
  • Fix replying with the source user in oper-restricted WHO lookups.
  • Clean up the WHO helpop documentation.
  • m_httpd: close the HTTP connection after serving a request.
  • Fix sending malformed ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND messages in some cases.
  • Fix gateway client hosts not being updated if DNS resolution fails.
  • Fix sending malformed ERR_BANLISTFULL numerics in some contexts.
  • Fix exposing the ban reason when an xline is found in the bancache.
  • Release v2.0.27