InspIRCd v3.2.0 released!
Posted by ~Sadie on July 05, 2019

What's new

InspIRCd v3.2.0 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release fixes many minor bugs and adds several minor features. Most notably:

  • Added syntax hints to all vendor modes which take parameters.
  • Fixed closing HTTP connections before the entire http_stats module output had been sent.
  • Fixed routing tags on TAGMSG messages between servers.
  • Fixed server operators with the channels/auspex privilege not being able to request the topic of secret/private channels with the /TOPIC command.
  • Fixed the TAGMSG message forwarding all tags regardless of whether they had been whitelisted.
  • Fixed <pid:file> not being relative to the data directory as was intended.
  • Stabilised the experimental UNIX socket support introduced in v3.0.0.
  • Updated the Module Manager source list for the new inspircd-contrib repository.
  • Worked around the messageflood module kicking users whose clients have sent typing notifications.

No breaking configuration changes have been made since the v3.0.0 release but if you are upgrading from v2 please consult our list of config changes in v3.

The full change log can be found on the docs site or on GitHub