InspIRCd v3.5.0 released!
Posted by ~Sadie on January 31, 2020

What's new

InspIRCd v3.5.0 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release fixes many minor bugs and adds several minor features. Most notably:

  • Added support for the IRCv3 Labeled Response specification.
  • Added support for help topics to the helpop module.
  • Added support for the X-Real-IP and X-Forwarded-For headers to the websocket module.
  • Added the codepage module — a better solution for custom 8-bit character set support than the incredibly broken and undocumented nationalchars module.
  • Fixed connections to ports which have an invalid I/O hook configured not being rejected.
  • Fixed allowing TAGMSG messages to be sent without any tags attached.
  • Fixed prioritisation of custom events provided by modules.
  • Fixed the chanhistory module not storing message tags and notices.

No breaking configuration changes have been made since the v3.0.0 release but if you are upgrading from v2 please consult our list of config changes in v3.

The full change log can be found on the docs site or on GitHub.