InspIRCd v3.6.0 released!
Posted by ~Sadie on April 24, 2020

What's new

InspIRCd v3.6.0 is now available, download it from the releases page.

This release fixes a crash bug in the pgsql module as well as adding several minor features. Most notably:

  • Added <class:snomasks> to allow configuring the snomasks that a server operator can use.
  • Added support for the IRCv3 SETNAME specification.
  • Added support for using environment variables in the server configuration using the &env.FOO; syntax.
  • Fixed a crash in the pgsql module when connecting to a server fails.
  • Fixed a bug where previously changed display hostnames would be reset when a hostname lookup finishes.
  • Improved the error message shown when trying to load a module which is too old or too new for the current version.

No breaking configuration changes have been made since the v3.0.0 release but if you are upgrading from v2 please consult our list of config changes in v3.

The full change log can be found on the docs site or on GitHub.