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BanCacheManager Class Reference

#include <bancache.h>

Public Member Functions

BanCacheHitAddHit (const std::string &ip, const std::string &type, const std::string &reason)
BanCacheHitAddHit (const std::string &ip, const std::string &type, const std::string &reason, time_t seconds)
BanCacheHitGetHit (const std::string &ip)
bool RemoveHit (BanCacheHit *b)
unsigned int RemoveEntries (const std::string &type, bool positive)
void RehashCache ()

Detailed Description

A manager for ban cache, which allocates and deallocates and checks cached bans.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddHit()

BanCacheHit * BanCacheManager::AddHit ( const std::string &  ip,
const std::string &  type,
const std::string &  reason 

Creates and adds a Ban Cache item.

ipThe IP the item is for.
typeThe type of ban cache item. std::string. .empty() means it's a negative match (user is allowed freely).
reasonThe reason for the ban. Left .empty() if it's a negative match.

◆ RemoveEntries()

unsigned int BanCacheManager::RemoveEntries ( const std::string &  type,
bool  positive 

Removes all entries of a given type, either positive or negative. Returns the number of hits removed.

typeThe type of bancache entries to remove (e.g. 'G')
positiveRemove either positive (true) or negative (false) hits.

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