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FakeUser Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FakeUser:
User Extensible classbase

Public Member Functions

 FakeUser (const std::string &uid, const std::string &srv)
virtual CullResult cull ()
virtual void SendText (const std::string &line)
virtual const std::string & GetFullHost ()
virtual const std::string & GetFullRealHost ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from User
const char * GetIPString ()
irc::sockets::cidr_mask GetCIDRMask ()
virtual bool SetClientIP (const char *sip, bool recheck_eline=true)
virtual void SetClientIP (const irc::sockets::sockaddrs &sa, bool recheck_eline=true)
 User (const std::string &uid, const std::string &srv, int objtype)
bool CheckLines (bool doZline=false)
void InvalidateCache ()
const char * FormatNoticeMasks ()
std::string ProcessNoticeMasks (const char *sm)
bool IsNoticeMaskSet (unsigned char sm)
void SetNoticeMask (unsigned char sm, bool value)
const char * FormatModes (bool showparameters=false)
bool IsModeSet (unsigned char m)
void SetMode (unsigned char m, bool value)
virtual bool HasPermission (const std::string &command)
virtual bool HasPrivPermission (const std::string &privstr, bool noisy=false)
virtual bool HasModePermission (unsigned char mode, ModeType type)
char * MakeWildHost ()
const std::string & MakeHost ()
const std::string & MakeHostIP ()
void AddToWhoWas ()
void Oper (OperInfo *info)
bool ForceNickChange (const char *newnick)
void UnOper ()
virtual void Write (const std::string &text)
virtual void Write (const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(2
virtual void void WriteServ (const std::string &text)
void WriteServ (const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(2
void void WriteNumeric (unsigned int numeric, const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(3
void void void WriteNumeric (unsigned int numeric, const std::string &text)
void WriteFrom (User *user, const std::string &text)
void WriteFrom (User *user, const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(3
void void WriteTo (User *dest, const std::string &data)
void WriteTo (User *dest, const char *data,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(3
void void WriteCommonRaw (const std::string &line, bool include_self=true)
void WriteCommon (const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(2
void void WriteCommonExcept (const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(2
void void void WriteCommonQuit (const std::string &normal_text, const std::string &oper_text)
void SendText (const std::string &LinePrefix, std::stringstream &TextStream)
void SendText (const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(2
void bool SharesChannelWith (User *other)
void DoHostCycle (const std::string &quitline)
bool ChangeDisplayedHost (const char *host)
bool ChangeIdent (const char *newident)
bool ChangeName (const char *gecos)
bool ChangeNick (const std::string &newnick, bool force=false)
void SendAll (const char *command, const char *text,...) CUSTOM_PRINTF(3
void std::string ChannelList (User *source, bool spy)
void SplitChanList (User *dest, const std::string &cl)
void PurgeEmptyChannels ()
virtual ConnectClassGetClass ()
virtual ~User ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
const ExtensibleStore & GetExtList () const
void doUnhookExtensions (const std::vector< reference< ExtensionItem > > &toRemove)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Extensible
typedef std::map< reference< ExtensionItem >, void * > ExtensibleStore
- Public Attributes inherited from User
std::string host
time_t age
time_t signon
time_t idle_lastmsg
irc::sockets::sockaddrs client_sa
std::string nick
const std::string uuid
std::string ident
std::string dhost
std::string fullname
std::bitset< 64 > modes
std::bitset< 64 > snomasks
UserChanList chans
const std::string server
std::string awaymsg
time_t awaytime
reference< OperInfooper
unsigned int registered:3
unsigned int dns_done:1
unsigned int quietquit:1
unsigned int quitting:1
unsigned int quitting_sendq:1
unsigned int exempt:1
unsigned int lastping:1
const unsigned int usertype:2

Member Function Documentation

◆ cull()

CullResult FakeUser::cull ( )

Called just prior to destruction via cull list.

Reimplemented from User.

◆ GetFullHost()

const std::string & FakeUser::GetFullHost ( )

Returns the full displayed host of the user This member function returns the hostname of the user as seen by other users on the server, in [email protected] form.

The full masked host of the user

Reimplemented from User.

◆ GetFullRealHost()

const std::string & FakeUser::GetFullRealHost ( )

Returns the full real host of the user This member function returns the hostname of the user as seen by other users on the server, in [email protected] form. If any form of hostname cloaking is in operation, e.g. through a module, then this method will ignore it and return the true hostname.

The full real host of the user

Reimplemented from User.

◆ SendText()

void FakeUser::SendText ( const std::string &  line)

Write to the user, routing the line if the user is remote.

Implements User.

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