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SocketTimeout Class Reference

#include <inspsocket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SocketTimeout (int fd, BufferedSocket *thesock, long secs_from_now, time_t now)
virtual void Tick (time_t now)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Timer
 Timer (long secs_from_now, time_t now, bool repeating=false)
virtual ~Timer ()
virtual time_t GetTimer ()
virtual void SetTimer (time_t t)
bool GetRepeat ()
long GetSecs ()
void CancelRepeat ()

Detailed Description

Used to time out socket connections

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SocketTimeout()

SocketTimeout::SocketTimeout ( int  fd,
BufferedSocket thesock,
long  secs_from_now,
time_t  now 

Create a socket timeout class

fdFile descriptor of BufferedSocket
thesockBufferedSocket to attach to
secs_from_nowSeconds from now to time out
nowThe current time

Member Function Documentation

◆ Tick()

void SocketTimeout::Tick ( time_t  now)

Handle tick event

Implements Timer.

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