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StringExtItem Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StringExtItem:
ExtensionItem ServiceProvider usecountbase classbase

Public Member Functions

 StringExtItem (const std::string &key, Module *owner)
std::string * get (const Extensible *container) const
std::string serialize (SerializeFormat format, const Extensible *container, void *item) const
void unserialize (SerializeFormat format, Extensible *container, const std::string &value)
void set (Extensible *container, const std::string &value)
void unset (Extensible *container)
void free (void *item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExtensionItem
 ExtensionItem (const std::string &key, Module *owner)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ServiceProvider
 ServiceProvider (Module *Creator, const std::string &Name, ServiceType Type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from classbase
virtual CullResult cull ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from usecountbase
unsigned int GetUseCount () const
void refcount_inc () const
bool refcount_dec () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ServiceProvider
ModuleRef creator
const std::string name
const ServiceType service
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ExtensionItem
void * get_raw (const Extensible *container) const
void * set_raw (Extensible *container, void *value)
void * unset_raw (Extensible *container)

Member Function Documentation

◆ free()

void StringExtItem::free ( void *  item)

Free the item

Implements ExtensionItem.

◆ serialize()

std::string StringExtItem::serialize ( SerializeFormat  format,
const Extensible container,
void *  item 
) const

Serialize this item into a string

formatThe format to serialize to
containerThe object containing this item
itemThe item itself

Implements ExtensionItem.

◆ unserialize()

void StringExtItem::unserialize ( SerializeFormat  format,
Extensible container,
const std::string &  value 

Convert the string form back into an item

formatThe format to serialize from (not FORMAT_USER)
containerThe object that this item applies to
valueThe return from a serialize() call that was run elsewhere with this key

Implements ExtensionItem.

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