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ThreadSignalSocket Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ThreadSignalSocket:
BufferedSocket EventHandler StreamSocket classbase EventHandler classbase

Public Member Functions

 ThreadSignalSocket (SocketThread *p, int recvfd, int sendfd)
void Notify ()
void HandleEvent (EventType et, int errornum)
 ThreadSignalSocket (SocketThread *t, int newfd)
void OnDataReady ()
void OnError (BufferedSocketError)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BufferedSocket
 BufferedSocket (int newfd)
void DoConnect (const std::string &ipaddr, int aport, unsigned long maxtime, const std::string &connectbindip)
virtual void OnConnected ()
virtual void OnTimeout ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StreamSocket
ModuleGetIOHook ()
void AddIOHook (Module *m)
void DelIOHook ()
virtual void DoRead ()
void SetError (const std::string &err)
const std::string & getError () const
void WriteData (const std::string &data)
bool GetNextLine (std::string &line, char delim='\n')
size_t getSendQSize () const
virtual void Close ()
virtual CullResult cull ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventHandler
int GetFd () const
int GetEventMask () const
void SetFd (int FD)
 EventHandler ()
virtual ~EventHandler ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BufferedSocket
BufferedSocketState state
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BufferedSocket
virtual void DoWrite ()
BufferedSocketError BeginConnect (const irc::sockets::sockaddrs &dest, const irc::sockets::sockaddrs &bind, unsigned long timeout)
BufferedSocketError BeginConnect (const std::string &ipaddr, int aport, unsigned long maxtime, const std::string &connectbindip)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StreamSocket
std::string recvq
- Protected Attributes inherited from EventHandler
int fd

Member Function Documentation

◆ HandleEvent()

void ThreadSignalSocket::HandleEvent ( EventType  et,
int  errornum 

Process an I/O event. You MUST implement this function in your derived class, and it will be called whenever read or write events are received.

eteither one of EVENT_READ for read events, EVENT_WRITE for write events and EVENT_ERROR for error events.
errornumThe error code which goes with an EVENT_ERROR.

Implements EventHandler.

◆ OnDataReady()

void ThreadSignalSocket::OnDataReady ( )

When there is data waiting to be read on a socket, the OnDataReady() method is called.

Implements BufferedSocket.

◆ OnError()

void ThreadSignalSocket::OnError ( BufferedSocketError  e)

Called when the socket gets an error from socket engine or IO hook

Implements StreamSocket.

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