InspIRCd  2.0
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classbase Class Reference

#include <base.h>

Inheritance diagram for classbase:
DLLManager Event EventHandler Extensible FileReader HandlerBase0< ReturnType > HandlerBase0< void > HandlerBase1< ReturnType, Param1 > HandlerBase1< bool, const char * > HandlerBase1< bool, const std::string & > HandlerBase1< void, const std::string & > HandlerBase1< void, User * > HandlerBase2< ReturnType, Param1, Param2 > HandlerBase2< bool, const char *, size_t > HandlerBase2< void, char *, size_t > HandlerBase3< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3 > HandlerBase3< ModResult, User *, Channel *, const std::string & > HandlerBase4< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4 > HandlerBase5< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4, Param5 > HandlerBase6< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4, Param5, Param6 > HandlerBase7< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4, Param5, Param6, Param7 > HandlerBase8< ReturnType, Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4, Param5, Param6, Param7, Param8 > Invitation LogStream ModeWatcher Module Request ServiceProvider XLine

Public Member Functions

virtual CullResult cull ()

Detailed Description

The base class for all inspircd classes with a well-defined lifetime. Classes that inherit from this may be destroyed through GlobalCulls, and may rely on cull() being called prior to their deletion.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cull()

CullResult classbase::cull ( )

Called just prior to destruction via cull list.

Reimplemented in FakeUser, LocalUser, User, Module, ModeHandler, StreamSocket, and Extensible.

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