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ConnectClass Struct Reference

#include <users.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConnectClass (ConfigTag *tag, char type, const std::string &mask)
 ConnectClass (ConfigTag *tag, char type, const std::string &mask, const ConnectClass &parent)
void Update (const ConnectClass *newSettings)
const std::string & GetName ()
const std::string & GetHost ()
time_t GetRegTimeout ()
unsigned int GetPingTime ()
unsigned long GetSendqSoftMax ()
unsigned long GetSendqHardMax ()
unsigned long GetRecvqMax ()
unsigned int GetPenaltyThreshold ()
unsigned int GetCommandRate ()
unsigned long GetMaxLocal ()
unsigned long GetMaxGlobal ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from refcountbase
unsigned int GetReferenceCount () const
void refcount_inc () const
bool refcount_dec () const

Public Attributes

reference< ConfigTagconfig
char type
bool fakelag
std::string name
unsigned int registration_timeout
std::string host
unsigned int pingtime
unsigned long softsendqmax
unsigned long hardsendqmax
unsigned long recvqmax
unsigned int penaltythreshold
unsigned int commandrate
unsigned long maxlocal
unsigned long maxglobal
bool maxconnwarn
unsigned int maxchans
unsigned long limit
bool resolvehostnames
insp::flat_set< int > ports
std::string password
std::string passwordhash

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from refcountbase
static void * operator new (size_t, void *m)
static void * operator new (size_t)
static void operator delete (void *)

Detailed Description

Holds information relevant to <connect allow> and <connect deny> tags in the config file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConnectClass() [1/2]

ConnectClass::ConnectClass ( ConfigTag tag,
char  type,
const std::string &  mask 

Create a new connect class with no settings.

◆ ConnectClass() [2/2]

ConnectClass::ConnectClass ( ConfigTag tag,
char  type,
const std::string &  mask,
const ConnectClass parent 

Create a new connect class with inherited settings.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetMaxGlobal()

unsigned long ConnectClass::GetMaxGlobal ( )

Returns the maximum number of global sessions

◆ GetMaxLocal()

unsigned long ConnectClass::GetMaxLocal ( )

Return the maximum number of local sessions

◆ GetPenaltyThreshold()

unsigned int ConnectClass::GetPenaltyThreshold ( )

Returns the penalty threshold value

◆ GetPingTime()

unsigned int ConnectClass::GetPingTime ( )

Returns the ping frequency

◆ GetRecvqMax()

unsigned long ConnectClass::GetRecvqMax ( )

Returns the maximum recvq value

◆ GetRegTimeout()

time_t ConnectClass::GetRegTimeout ( )

Returns the registration timeout

◆ GetSendqHardMax()

unsigned long ConnectClass::GetSendqHardMax ( )

Returns the maximum sendq value (hard limit)

◆ GetSendqSoftMax()

unsigned long ConnectClass::GetSendqSoftMax ( )

Returns the maximum sendq value (soft limit) Note that this is in addition to internal OS buffers

◆ Update()

void ConnectClass::Update ( const ConnectClass newSettings)

Update the settings in this block to match the given block

Member Data Documentation

◆ commandrate

unsigned int ConnectClass::commandrate

Maximum rate of commands (units: millicommands per second)

◆ fakelag

bool ConnectClass::fakelag

True if this class uses fake lag to manage flood, false if it kills

◆ hardsendqmax

unsigned long ConnectClass::hardsendqmax

Maximum size of sendq for users in this class (bytes) Users are killed if they go over this limit

◆ host

std::string ConnectClass::host

Host mask for this line

◆ limit

unsigned long ConnectClass::limit

How many users may be in this connect class before they are refused? (0 = no limit = default)

◆ maxchans

unsigned int ConnectClass::maxchans

Max channels for this class

◆ maxconnwarn

bool ConnectClass::maxconnwarn

True if max connections for this class is hit and a warning is wanted

◆ maxglobal

unsigned long ConnectClass::maxglobal

Global max when connecting by this connection class

◆ maxlocal

unsigned long ConnectClass::maxlocal

Local max when connecting by this connection class

◆ name

std::string ConnectClass::name

Connect class name

◆ password

std::string ConnectClass::password

If non-empty then the password a user must specify in PASS to be assigned to this class.

◆ passwordhash

std::string ConnectClass::passwordhash

If non-empty then the hash algorithm that the password field is hashed with.

◆ penaltythreshold

unsigned int ConnectClass::penaltythreshold

Seconds worth of penalty before penalty system activates

◆ pingtime

unsigned int ConnectClass::pingtime

Number of seconds between pings for this line

◆ ports

insp::flat_set<int> ConnectClass::ports

If non-empty the server ports which this user has to be using

◆ recvqmax

unsigned long ConnectClass::recvqmax

Maximum size of recvq for users in this class (bytes)

◆ registration_timeout

unsigned int ConnectClass::registration_timeout

Max time to register the connection in seconds

◆ resolvehostnames

bool ConnectClass::resolvehostnames

If set to true, no user DNS lookups are to be performed

◆ softsendqmax

unsigned long ConnectClass::softsendqmax

Maximum size of sendq for users in this class (bytes) Users cannot send commands if they go over this limit

◆ type

char ConnectClass::type

Type of line, either CC_ALLOW or CC_DENY

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