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CoreException Class Reference

#include <base.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CoreException (const std::string &message)
 CoreException (const std::string &message, const std::string &src)
virtual ~CoreException () noexcept=default
const std::string & GetReason () const
const std::string & GetSource () const

Protected Attributes

const std::string err
const std::string source

Detailed Description

This class can be used on its own to represent an exception, or derived to represent a module-specific exception. When a module whishes to abort, e.g. within a constructor, it should throw an exception using ModuleException or a class derived from ModuleException. If a module throws an exception during its constructor, the module will not be loaded. If this happens, the error message returned by ModuleException::GetReason will be displayed to the user attempting to load the module, or dumped to the console if the ircd is currently loading for the first time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CoreException() [1/2]

CoreException::CoreException ( const std::string &  message)

This constructor can be used to specify an error message before throwing.

messageHuman readable error message

◆ CoreException() [2/2]

CoreException::CoreException ( const std::string &  message,
const std::string &  src 

This constructor can be used to specify an error message before throwing, and to specify the source of the exception.

messageHuman readable error message
srcSource of the exception

◆ ~CoreException()

virtual CoreException::~CoreException ( )

This destructor solves world hunger, cancels the world debt, and causes the world to end. Actually no, it does nothing. Never mind.


Member Function Documentation

◆ GetReason()

const std::string& CoreException::GetReason ( ) const

Returns the reason for the exception.

Human readable description of the error

◆ GetSource()

const std::string& CoreException::GetSource ( ) const

Returns the source of the exception

Source of the exception

Member Data Documentation

◆ err

const std::string CoreException::err

Holds the error message to be displayed

◆ source

const std::string CoreException::source

Source of the exception

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