InspIRCd  4.0
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OperInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 OperInfo (const std::string &Name)
std::string getConfig (const std::string &key)
void init ()

Public Attributes

TokenList AllowedOperCommands
TokenList AllowedPrivs
std::bitset< 64 > AllowedUserModes
std::bitset< 64 > AllowedChanModes
std::bitset< 64 > AllowedSnomasks
std::shared_ptr< ConfigTagoper_block
std::shared_ptr< ConfigTagtype_block
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ConfigTag > > class_blocks
std::string name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OperInfo()

OperInfo::OperInfo ( const std::string &  Name)

Creates a new OperInfo with the specified oper type name.

NameThe name of the oper type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConfig()

std::string OperInfo::getConfig ( const std::string &  key)

Get a configuration item, searching in the oper, type, and class blocks (in that order)

Member Data Documentation

◆ AllowedChanModes

std::bitset<64> OperInfo::AllowedChanModes

Allowed channel modes from oper classes.

◆ AllowedSnomasks

std::bitset<64> OperInfo::AllowedSnomasks

Allowed snomasks from oper classes.

◆ AllowedUserModes

std::bitset<64> OperInfo::AllowedUserModes

Allowed user modes from oper classes.

◆ class_blocks

std::vector<std::shared_ptr<ConfigTag> > OperInfo::class_blocks

<class> blocks referenced from the <type> block. These define individual permissions

◆ name

std::string OperInfo::name

Name of the oper type; i.e. the one shown in WHOIS

◆ oper_block

std::shared_ptr<ConfigTag> OperInfo::oper_block

<oper> block used for this oper-up. May be NULL.

◆ type_block

std::shared_ptr<ConfigTag> OperInfo::type_block

<type> block used for this oper-up. Valid for local users, may be NULL on remote

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