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RemoteUser Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RemoteUser:
User Extensible Cullable Serializable insp::uncopiable

Public Member Functions

 RemoteUser (const std::string &uid, Server *srv)
- Public Member Functions inherited from User
const std::string & GetIPString ()
const std::string & GetHost (bool uncloak) const
const std::string & GetDisplayedHost () const
const std::string & GetRealHost () const
const std::string & GetRealName () const
irc::sockets::cidr_mask GetCIDRMask ()
virtual bool SetClientIP (const std::string &address)
virtual void SetClientIP (const irc::sockets::sockaddrs &sa)
 User (const std::string &uid, Server *srv, Type objtype)
virtual const std::string & GetFullHost ()
virtual const std::string & GetFullRealHost ()
void InvalidateCache ()
bool IsAway () const
bool IsOper () const
bool IsNoticeMaskSet (unsigned char sm)
std::string GetModeLetters (bool includeparams=false) const
bool IsModeSet (unsigned char m) const
bool IsModeSet (const ModeHandler *mh) const
bool IsModeSet (const ModeHandler &mh) const
bool IsModeSet (UserModeReference &moderef) const
void SetMode (ModeHandler *mh, bool value)
void SetMode (ModeHandler &mh, bool value)
virtual bool HasCommandPermission (const std::string &command)
virtual bool HasPrivPermission (const std::string &privstr)
virtual bool HasModePermission (const ModeHandler *mh) const
virtual bool HasSnomaskPermission (char chr) const
const std::string & MakeHost ()
const std::string & MakeHostIP ()
void Oper (std::shared_ptr< OperInfo > info)
void UnOper ()
void WriteNotice (const std::string &text)
virtual void WriteRemoteNotice (const std::string &text)
virtual void WriteRemoteNumeric (const Numeric::Numeric &numeric)
template<typename... Param>
void WriteRemoteNumeric (unsigned int numeric, Param... p)
void WriteNumeric (const Numeric::Numeric &numeric)
template<typename... Param>
void WriteNumeric (unsigned int numeric, Param... p)
void WriteCommonRaw (ClientProtocol::Event &protoev, bool include_self=true)
void ForEachNeighbor (ForEachNeighborHandler &handler, bool include_self=true)
bool SharesChannelWith (User *other)
bool ChangeDisplayedHost (const std::string &host)
void ChangeRealHost (const std::string &host, bool resetdisplay)
bool ChangeIdent (const std::string &newident)
bool ChangeRealName (const std::string &real)
bool ChangeNick (const std::string &newnick, time_t newts=0)
void PurgeEmptyChannels ()
Cullable::Result Cull () override
bool Deserialize (Data &data) override
bool Serialize (Serializable::Data &data) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Extensible
const ExtensibleStoreGetExtList () const
void UnhookExtensions (const std::vector< ExtensionItem * > &toRemove)
void FreeAllExtItems ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Cullable
virtual ~Cullable ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from User
enum  Type : uint8_t { TYPE_LOCAL = 0 , TYPE_REMOTE = 1 , TYPE_SERVER = 2 }
typedef insp::intrusive_list< MembershipChanList
- Public Types inherited from Extensible
typedef insp::flat_map< ExtensionItem *, void * > ExtensibleStore
- Public Attributes inherited from User
time_t age
time_t signon = 0
irc::sockets::sockaddrs client_sa
std::string nick
const std::string uuid
std::string ident
std::bitset< 64 > snomasks
ChanList chans
std::string awaymsg
time_t awaytime
std::shared_ptr< OperInfooper
unsigned int registered:3
unsigned int quitting:1
const uint8_t usertype:2
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Cullable
 Cullable ()

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