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Snomask Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SendMessage (const std::string &message, char letter)
void Flush ()
std::string GetDescription (char letter) const


class SnomaskManager

Member Function Documentation

◆ Flush()

void Snomask::Flush ( )

Sends out the (last message repeated N times) message

◆ GetDescription()

std::string Snomask::GetDescription ( char  letter) const

Returns the description of this snomask

letterThe letter of this snomask. If uppercase, the description of the remote variant of this snomask will be returned (i.e.: "REMOTE" will be prepended to the description).
The description of this snomask

◆ SendMessage()

void Snomask::SendMessage ( const std::string &  message,
char  letter 

Sends a message to all opers with this snomask.

messageThe message to send
letterThe snomask character to send the message to.

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