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SocketThread Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

void NotifyParent ()
void LockQueue ()
void UnlockQueue ()
void UnlockQueueWakeup ()
void OnStop () override
virtual void OnNotify ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Thread
virtual ~Thread ()=default
bool IsRunning () const
bool IsStopping () const
bool Start ()
bool Stop ()

Protected Member Functions

void WaitForQueue ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Thread
virtual void OnStart ()=0
 Thread ()=default

Member Function Documentation

◆ LockQueue()

void SocketThread::LockQueue ( )

Lock queue.

◆ NotifyParent()

void SocketThread::NotifyParent ( )

Notifies parent by making the SignalFD ready to read No requirements on locking

◆ OnNotify()

virtual void SocketThread::OnNotify ( )
pure virtual

Called in the context of the parent thread after a notification has passed through the socket

◆ OnStop()

void SocketThread::OnStop ( )

Callback which is executed on the calling thread before this thread is stopped.

Reimplemented from Thread.

◆ UnlockQueue()

void SocketThread::UnlockQueue ( )

Unlock queue.

◆ UnlockQueueWakeup()

void SocketThread::UnlockQueueWakeup ( )

Unlock queue and send wakeup to worker

◆ WaitForQueue()

void SocketThread::WaitForQueue ( )

Waits for an enqueue operation to complete You MUST hold the queue lock when you call this. It will be unlocked while you wait, and will be relocked before the function returns

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