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TimerManager Class Reference

#include <timer.h>

Public Member Functions

void TickTimers (time_t TIME)
void AddTimer (Timer *T)
void DelTimer (Timer *T)

Detailed Description

This class manages sets of Timers, and triggers them at their defined times. This will ensure timers are not missed, as well as removing timers that have expired and allowing the addition of new ones.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddTimer()

void TimerManager::AddTimer ( Timer T)

Add an Timer

Tan Timer derived class to add

◆ DelTimer()

void TimerManager::DelTimer ( Timer T)

Remove a Timer

Tan Timer derived class to remove

◆ TickTimers()

void TimerManager::TickTimers ( time_t  TIME)

Tick all pending Timers

TIMEthe current system time

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