InspIRCd  4.0
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insp::detail::flat_map_base< T, Comp, Key, ElementComp > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for insp::detail::flat_map_base< T, Comp, Key, ElementComp >:
insp::flat_map< ExtensionItem *, void * > insp::flat_map< std::string, MessageTagData, std::greater< std::string > > insp::flat_map< std::string, std::string > insp::flat_map< std::string, std::shared_ptr< OperInfo > > insp::flat_map< std::string, Data > insp::flat_map< std::string, std::string, irc::insensitive_swo > insp::flat_multimap< std::string, ModeWatcher * > insp::flat_multiset< ModuleEventListener *, Comp, ElementComp > insp::flat_set< std::string, irc::insensitive_swo > insp::flat_set< int >

Public Types

typedef storage_type::iterator iterator
typedef storage_type::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef storage_type::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef storage_type::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
typedef storage_type::size_type size_type
typedef storage_type::difference_type difference_type
typedef Key key_type
typedef T value_type
typedef Comp key_compare
typedef ElementComp value_compare

Public Member Functions

 flat_map_base (const flat_map_base &other)
flat_map_baseoperator= (const flat_map_base &other)=default
size_type size () const
bool empty () const
size_type capacity () const
size_type max_size () const
void clear ()
void reserve (size_type n)
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
key_compare key_comp () const
iterator erase (iterator it)
iterator erase (iterator first, iterator last)
size_type erase (const key_type &x)
iterator find (const key_type &x)
const_iterator find (const key_type &x) const
std::pair< iterator, iterator > equal_range (const key_type &x)
std::pair< const_iterator, const_iterator > equal_range (const key_type &x) const
iterator lower_bound (const key_type &x)
const_iterator lower_bound (const key_type &x) const
iterator upper_bound (const key_type &x)
const_iterator upper_bound (const key_type &x) const
size_type count (const key_type &x) const

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< T > storage_type

Protected Member Functions

std::pair< iterator, bool > insert_single (const value_type &x)
iterator insert_multi (const value_type &x)

Protected Attributes

storage_type vect

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