InspIRCd  4.0
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ClientProtocol::Events::Join Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for ClientProtocol::Events::Join:
ClientProtocol::Messages::Join ClientProtocol::Event ClientProtocol::Message ClientProtocol::MessageSource

Public Member Functions

 Join (Membership *Memb)
 Join (Membership *Memb, const std::string &Sourcestr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClientProtocol::Messages::Join
 Join ()
 Join (Membership *Memb)
 Join (Membership *Memb, const std::string &sourcestrref)
void SetParams (Membership *Memb)
MembershipGetMember () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClientProtocol::Message
 Message (const char *cmd, User *Sourceuser=NULL)
 Message (const char *cmd, const std::string &Sourcestr, User *Sourceuser=NULL)
const ParamList & GetParams () const
const TagMapGetTags () const
const char * GetCommand () const
void PushParam (const char *str)
void PushParam (const std::string &str)
template<typename... Args>
void PushParam (const Args &... args)
void PushParamRef (const std::string &str)
void PushParamPlaceholder ()
void ReplaceParam (size_t index, const char *str)
void ReplaceParam (size_t index, const std::string &str)
void ReplaceParamRef (size_t index, const std::string &str)
void AddTag (const std::string &tagname, MessageTagProvider *tagprov, const std::string &val, void *tagdata=NULL)
void AddTags (const ClientProtocol::TagMap &newtags)
const SerializedMessage & GetSerialized (const SerializedInfo &serializeinfo) const
void ClearParams ()
void InvalidateCache ()
void CopyAll ()
void SetSideEffect (bool Sideeffect)
bool IsSideEffect () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClientProtocol::MessageSource
 MessageSource (User *Sourceuser=NULL)
 MessageSource (const std::string &Sourcestr, User *Sourceuser=NULL)
const std::string * GetSource () const
UserGetSourceUser () const
void SetSourceUser (User *Sourceuser)
void SetSource (const std::string &Sourcestr, User *Sourceuser=NULL)
void SetSource (const MessageSource &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClientProtocol::Event
 Event (EventProvider &protoeventprov)
 Event (EventProvider &protoeventprov, ClientProtocol::Message &msg)
void SetMessage (Message *msg)
void SetMessageList (const MessageList &msglist)
void GetMessagesForUser (LocalUser *user, MessageList &messagelist)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ClientProtocol::Message
typedef std::vector< ParamParamList
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ClientProtocol::Message
void SetCommand (const char *cmd)

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