InspIRCd  4.0
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CommandLineConf Struct Reference

Public Attributes

bool nofork
bool forcedebug
bool writelog
bool writepid
bool runasroot
int argc
char ** argv

Member Data Documentation

◆ argc

int CommandLineConf::argc

Saved argc from startup.

◆ argv

char** CommandLineConf::argv

Saved argv from startup.

◆ forcedebug

bool CommandLineConf::forcedebug

If this value if true then all log messages will be output, regardless of the level given in the config file. This is set with the -debug commandline option.

◆ nofork

bool CommandLineConf::nofork

If this value is true, the owner of the server specified -nofork on the command line, causing the daemon to stay in the foreground.

◆ writelog

bool CommandLineConf::writelog

If this is true then log output will be written to the logfile. This is the default. If you put -nolog on the commandline then the logfile will not be written. This is meant to be used in conjunction with -debug for debugging without filling up the hard disk.

◆ writepid

bool CommandLineConf::writepid

If this is true, a PID file will be written to the file given in the "file" variable of the <pid> tag in the config file. This is the default. Passing –nopid as a command line argument sets this to false; in this case, a PID file will not be written, even the default PID file that is usually written when the <pid> tag is not defined in the config file.

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