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InspIRCd is a modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in C++ for Linux, BSD, Windows and macOS systems.

It was created from scratch to be stable, modern and lightweight. It provides a tunable number of features through the use of an advanced but well documented module system. By keeping core functionality to a minimum we hope to increase the stability, security and speed of InspIRCd while also making it customisable to the needs of many different users.

And after all it’s free and open source.

or take a look at our installation guide followed by our configuration guide

Use the bugtracker, please!

Posted by ~w00t on July 01, 2012

Just a polite reminder that the bugtracker exists, and is where all things that you think of as bugs (or rough corners) should go. E-mail, IRC and other mediums are always tempting as being “faster” or more readily available to gain responses, but they are absolutely hopeless for scheduling things and keeping track of what actually needs to be done. Don’t be too afraid of reporting something unnecessarily: it’s easy to close a bug. It’s a lot more worrying that a bug might be going unnoticed because someone forgot they saw a mention of it on #inspircd. Thanks!

InspIRCd 2.1 branch closed, use 2.0 instead.

Posted by ~w00t on June 15, 2012

Hi all, After a bit of discussion, we’ve decided to close the 2.1 branch, as the general consensus is that we aren’t comfortable with the state it is in regarding release-readiness, and unfortunately, the people working on it have more or less been eaten up by the real life monster. As a result of this, we’re closing the 2.1 branch, and won’t be working on it anymore (it’s been renamed obsolete/insp21 in git), and we suggest you don’t use it.

InspIRCd v1.2.9 released

Posted by ~w00t on April 23, 2012

Not much more to say here. Downloads are available from the usual location. A big thanks to Robby and Attila for their contributions to the release, thanks to other authors also. Users of the 1.2 series are suggested to upgrade.

InspIRCd v2.0.6rc1 & v2.1.0b3 released!

Posted by ~w00t on April 09, 2012

InspIRCd v2.0.6rc1 has been released, fixing the CERT DNS vulnerability, amongst other things. All v2.0 users are strongly recommended to upgrade. v1.2 users should start considering the 2.0 branch, as 1.2 is now entering the last phase of support.

InspIRCd v1.2.9rc1 released!

Posted by ~w00t on April 09, 2012

InspIRCd 1.2.9rc1 released! InspIRCd 1.2.9rc1 has been released. Networks running the 1.2 branch are advised to upgrade immediately; as it fixes a number of potentially serious issues, including the recent CERT DNS vulnerability. Please note that, unless severe issues are found in the future or a new maintainer found, 1.2.9 will be the final release in the 1.2 series. If you are interested in maintaining it, please get in contact, or start to consider upgrading to 2.0.

On releases and site move

Posted by ~w00t on March 28, 2012

As some of you will probably have noticed, inspircd.org has been down for quite a while now. We don’t know when (or if) it will be back, which isn’t an acceptable situation for a project to be in, so we have been working slowly to migrate resources over to GitHub as time permits.

Hello, World!

Posted by ~Sadie on March 27, 2012

There isn’t much here at the moment as we are still moving stuff over to GitHub. Feel free to send us pull requests.